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Google Adsense for WordPress

I am looking for a good AdSense plugin for WordPress, yesterday I tried several and I liked only one of them so far.

I tried the following, spent about 5 minutes only with each, so I still need to do more trial at a later date.

The only one that I kept enabled was the “1-Click-AdSense” as it seems to work ok right out of the box.

1-Click-AdSense, Version 1.1 | By gig | Visit plugin site
Ad Injection, Version | By reviewmylife | Visit plugin site
Adsense-Deluxe2, Version 1.0 | By Blogetery.com | Visit plugin site
Adsense Immediately!, Version 1.0 | By Adam Bell | Visit plugin site
Adsense Optimizer, Version 3.3 | By gnarf | Visit plugin site
Auto AdSense Sections, Version 1.0 | By Mathias Amnell | Visit plugin site
Google Adsense for Feeds, Version 1.1 | By Matt Mullenweg | Visit plugin site
Google Integration Toolkit, Version 1.4 | By Daniel Frużyński | Visit plugin site
Quick Adsense, Version 1.9 | By Philip Ze | Visit plugin site
Relevant AdSense Ads, Version 0.1.0 | By Fredrik Malmgren | Visit plugin site

I also tried SEO Ultimate, Version 6.9.1 | By SEO Design Solutions | Visit plugin site
I will write more about that in another post.

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